Since the VIKA group (our milestone) establishes tills now, we have several group members as a global trading and technology company covering different business sectors.

With good knowledge in storage media production, Vika group started in representing Germen optical disc replication systems in 1996, promptly we win trusts and good comment from our customers. Up to 2013, we sold more than 1,200 units of optical disc replication and related production systems in China and Hong Kong. We set the benchmark of the market.

Apart from representative agent of optical disc replication equipment, Vika group has setup our own replication facilities too for different optical disc formats including prerecorded CD, DVD, BD and recordable CDR, DVDR and BDR, and also stamper manufacturing service.

Moreover, Vika group owns real estate development projects in GuangDong Province China. With fast economic growth in China over the last 15 years, Vika has successfully completed four real estate projects, more potential development and strategic investment will be made in different cities and provinces in China.

From 2011, Vika group is further diversifying the business into copper ore business and stone onyx / marble / granite trading. With strong commercial and global business understand, Vika group set up his subsidiary office in Philippines and Fujian China respectively to enhance the position by providing instant frontline support to both suppliers and sellers.

Entering the new millennium, Vika group is expanding the business varieties to suite any potential industries and opportunities due to the fast changing economics.

Since the establishment of VIKA group, the group and his members exploring all potential business opportunities continuously, from the Optical Disc Storage Media industry the group is professionally on, to Real Estate Project’s participation, and further to the lately developed business sectors such as Mineral Resources business and Touch Panel Module production which involved very strong commercial knowledge and technology base to implement it, these all would be an evidence to support and emphasize the solid experience of VIKA group and the strength of his members.


  • Starting the construction of the new industrial park in Zhong Shan City, Guangdong Province China
  • Developed the Touch Panel Module manufacturing
  • Developed the self-designed BDR Data Archiving System

  • Set up the office in Philippines for enhancing the Copper Ore and relative Mineral Resources business
  • Started the Stone (Marble, Granite, Onyx etc) trading business and setup office in Xiamen China

  • Developed the Copper Ore and Mineral Resources business in several South East Asia countries

  • Set up the BluRay disc replication facilities including prerecorded BD Rom and recordable BDR and rewritable BDRW format in Hong Kong and China

  • Joint Venture with German listed company and set up the machinery and automation manufacturing plant in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province China

  • Achieved the milestone of successfully sold 1,000 units of optical disc replication and related equipment including the territories of Hong Kong and China

  • Set up the first recordable DVDR and prerecorded DVD replication facilities

  • Set up the first recordable CDR production facilities in Hong Kong
  • Invested and participated the Real Estate Project Development in China

  • Sold the first optical disc CD replication line in Hong Kong, established well-know reputation in optical disc storage media industry as a manufacturing machine and total solution provider

  • Set up the first prerecorded CD replication facilities in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province China

  • Set up Video Cassette Tape manufacturing facilities since 1984 for the global international market

  • Set up Audio cassette tape manufacturing facilities since 1976 for the global international market