Touch Panel

Since Apple launched its portable consumer electronics product several years ago, touch panel control was a dream of most people now become a common commodity. All consumer electronics product manufacturer wants to integrate the touch panel on his product, make it higher display resolution, thinner thickness on the smart mobile phone, tablets and computer etc.

According to the market reports, the smart mobile phone shipments was 700 million units in 2013, and expecting shipments exceed 1 billion units by 2016.

The small-size (5.5 inch or less) is the mainstream on the touch panel demand; it shares more than 80% for the overall touch panel shipment. As according to market reports, the global revenue on the touch panel industry was 16 billion US dollars in 2012. By 2018, the global revenue will expect to reach 32 billion US dollars.

Due to the high demand on the small-size touch panel, ITO sputtering as a core process of the touch technology plays very important role on the touch panel production. The new technology OGS (One Glass Solution) is to apply the ITO sputtering layer and its pattern directly on the cover glass, it helps not only to reduce the production cost, and also create benefit due to the thinner thickness and less weight of the touch panel product, a lot of OEM brand believe that OGS is a new revolution on the touch panel industry.

VIKA group involve in the ITO sputtering manufacturing for the OGS touch panel product in 2014. With our solid experience on the sputtering process learnt from optical disc, our quality is rapidly confirmed by customers and already running mass production.