High Capacity BDR Archive System

Business, organizations and institutions, large or small, are seeing an ever increasing quantity of data in the workplace. From email correspondence and customer records to vital legal documents, they need to be stored securely and made available for future retrieval as required.

VIKA group has more than 20 years on the optical disc storage and automatic industries respectively. We understand the trend of the high demand of data storage solution. With our strong technical team, we have developed the “INFO BANK” system which is the product designed for storage inactive data (Cold Data) of the enterprise with reasonable long-term running cost.
Optical Disc especially Blu-ray Disc can assist and provide the business with a scalable solution that will allow the user to feel secure that the important data will be preserved and remain accessible for the future.

Blu-ray technology meets the archive requirements as follows:

  •  Lower cost than existing primary storage, lower energy consumption and due to long lifespan (50yrs) no need for constant backup in every 3-5 years as Hard disk or Magnetic tap required. Both BDR and BDRE format available.
  • Offline management of very old information as it is a removable media allowing off-line storage provided with special designed magazine to prevent from human handling damage. The Blu-ray disc itself is fully hard-coated which allow the disc exposure at the room environment against the humid and possible oxidation

As the volume of electronic information continues to grow rapidly every year, the amount of new storage capacity installed follows this trend.

  • Lower resource and budget required. Lower TCO and long terms running cost.
  • Higher storage capacity but lesser storage area.
  • Automatic backup and centralized management required (i.e possibility for offline storage rack).
  • Long term storage but still easy accessible (80%-90% of enterprise data are inactive = Cold Data).
  • Reduce the risk of data loss / damage due to re-archival in regular short period of time.