VIKA group has well understanding and technology knowledge on the machinery automation applied on different industries. In the past, Vika group imported the advanced high technology machinery and equipment from Germany, Italy and Japan to China, fulfilled the needs and requirements of China's manufacturing at that period. Recently, machinery from China improved significantly not only involved on the R&D investment, but also the safety requirement, use of materials and workmanship. Moreover, lower ownership investment and less running cost is the key advantage for using machinery from China.  

Export Revenue of Machinery from China
According to an evaluation by Germany in 2013, China, substituted Japan, became the third position on the machinery export revenue by country. Germany and USA keep their first and second position. From 2008 to 2012, the export revenue is increased more than 100% in 5 years period. China is also the largest machinery manufacturing country.
Besides that machinery built by China has an advantage on cost and price, as claimed by the evaluation that its technology knowhow and service is keep improving too.
In 2013, the overall export revenue of machinery from China was RMB 1,785.543 billion.

With its global marketing network, VIKA group starts to export proven China machinery automation to foreign countries, like the PCB circuit board printing machine (also the same principle know as the touch panel BM printing machine) and 3D printing system etc. With the ongoing improvement and development of China made machinery, VIKA group keep the right track and utilize our well established platform to promote China machinery to worldwide.