Cover Glass printing machine

Traditional cover glass screen printing manufacturers are still using semi-automatic equipment this leads to low productivity, low yields rate, more manpower and not costs effective. In order to meet modern needs and achieve the target of high speed, high precision and high yields rate, a new automatic cover glass screen printing machine has become a trend.

VIKA group has more than 20 years on the optical disc storage and automatic industries respectively also has well understanding and technology knowledge on the machinery automation applied on different industries. We developed a series of automatic cover glass screen printing machine that can be up to 2100 PCS/H, max printing surface can reach 21 inches, significantly reducing manpower needs and also improving efficiently and yields rate as well.  

VIKA group not only supply equipment we also provide complete production solutions, such as configuration production lines including automatically loading/unloading machine, tunnel furnace, online testing equipment, personnel training, etc., This a turn-key project.