Intelligent Fresh Air Purification System

Nowadays, the use of window ventilation has become more challengingbecause of the  increasing air and noise pollutions. Though the airtight performance in modern buildings is getting better, buta large amount of harmful gases generated from decoration and in life keep accumulating. As a result, the indoor oxygen content is reduced. People might feel dizzy and it could even cause a decline in immunity and memory loss.People living in reinforced concrete need freshand clean air for a better health.E-VIPO Intelligent Fresh Air Purification System can helpin these to enhance the quality of living.

E-VIPO Intelligent Fresh Air Purification Systemis the first to adopt double loop design.On one hand, fresh air is brought in from the outside.After several stages of filtration and purification,indoor oxygen content will be enhanced,it keeps the indoor air fresh and clean.On the other hand, continuous indoor air filtrationcanhelp remove indoor formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

E-VIPO Fresh Air Purification System has a variety of models to meet your fresh air needs in different locations.

Wall-mounted series’ models arerelatively small in size, easy to install and cause no damage todecoration. The internal circulation system has a dual function of fresh airfan andair purifier, thoroughly cleaning the interior environment.  The heat exchanger is highly efficient and energy saving, the two-way ventilation approachcan quickly achieve cleansing effect. It is widely used in bedroom, study room and other relatively small indoor space.

Ceiling-mounted series’ modelsmake the use of hidden installation, it does not affect the decoration layout and it is not restricted by space. The internal circulation system can quickly filter and purify, and deliver fresh air evenly in an area. The heat exchanger can save energy efficiently, purify and deliver fresh air quickly and discharge indoor polluted air. It is widely used in various types of villas and commercial centers.

Cabinet Series’ models have large air volume and can deliver to a larger area, andit is easy to install. The models have functions ofbringing in fresh air,indoor air purifyingandpolluted air exhausting.Direct Air Supply type model does not need piping so it will not destroy decoration. Thecabinet models with pipe can quickly deliver fresh air evenly in an area, and polluted air can be quickly discharged. It is widely used in large villas, commercial centers, large conference rooms, fine restaurants and offices.

E-VIPO, the brand of Intelligent Fresh Air, is owned byVikaIntelligent Technology (Guang Dong) Co. Ltd.The corporateupholds “Integrity, Innovation, Quality and Service” business philosophy and brings you and your family a fresh and healthy life every day.